About Me

The scoop on all things Victoria.


About Me

The scoop on all things Victoria.


hey hey hey!

My name is Victoria and I am a wedding photographer here in the beautiful Nashville, TN area. My heart is on fire for photography, and I long to put my passion to work by capturing the magic that happens on your wedding day!

I fell in love with photography when I was 13 years old. It all started with a few photography magazines from the library and the camera app on an IPod Touch I got for Christmas. I discovered this new world of photography, and I was obsessed. I took photos of everyone that would let me, and I started building a portfolio getting my foot out the door. And before I knew it, my website was launched and I had paying clients by the time I was 16! Photography just made sense to me, and it was something I wanted to dive into with all I had. 

My style is luminous, warm, and natural. Camera shy? No worries! I will do the work for you and help you feel relaxed and carefree in front of my camera. We are all a little awkward (especially me) and I aspire to melt all stiffness and leave you with an experience that has you feeling more in love with your main squeeze than ever. I truly get excited about what I create and the amazing clients-turned-friends I have the honor to work with.


Things Victoria Loves

  • Traveling. Especially places with mountains and little towns filled to the brim with art and local coffee shops.

  • Dumb television. You can find me rewatching The Office for probably the 100th time.

  • Thrift store treasures. It's self-explanitory. My room and my closet is filled with beautiful little treasures I find at Goodwill!

  • Mac n' cheese, pizza, pasta, a good taco...

  • Natural light. Sunsets, sunrises, white rooms with lots of windows.

  • Dominican cooking. My abuela's homemade food gives me LIFE. (Again with the food...)

  • The carefree, fun, and passionate couples I have the honor to photograph.

Shoot me an email or give me a call, and I would be thrilled to talk with you!