Wedding Guide


Wedding Guide

Hello Love!

If you are here that means you have booked me for my wedding photography services! I can't wait to get to know you and your boo and photograph one of the happiest days of your life. I created this comprehensive wedding guide to answer some of my most frequently asked questions regarding timelines, first looks, and address random little details that are sometimes overlooked! I hope this guide helps you as you plan your special day! Let's goooo.

The details

I typically start out the day by taking photos of the dress, rings, shoes, etc. Having at least 30 minutes to focus on all those precious details is ideal! Before I arrive, please have the following items set aside for me to photograph.

For the Groom:

  • Tux

  • Shoes

  • Bowtie/ tie

  • Boutonniere

  • Cufflinks

  • Watch

For the Bride:

  • Dress

  • Bridesmaids dresses

  • Your shoes

  • Bouqet

  • Rings/ ringbox

  • Accessories (earrings, necklaces, bracelets)

  • Save the dates/ invitations

There will be times where the bridal suite will be overcrowded or I'll have an other idea in mind; so sometimes I will take the dress to another space or even outside. This can take a little bit of time, but it is so worth the result!


Getting ready

This getting ready time for both the bride and groom is super special! It is filled with lots of hugs, anticipation, and laughs. I love capturing close ups of the makeup and hair being applied as well as all the candid moments happening between family, bridesmaids, and groomsmen getting ready for the day.

  • When selecting a space to get ready, white walls and window light is ideal! I totally understand that this can't always happen because every venue is different, but keep this in mind! Light is HUGE for photographers.

  • Remember to bring a nice hanger! You can buy cute wedding day hangers on Esty, but even a wooden hanger will do. I would hate to photograph your beautiful dress that you've invested in and dreamed about on a flimsy plastic hanger.

  • When getting ready, have your bridesmaids put all their stuff in a condensed corner of the room; I call it a "crap corner." This way there aren’t neon bras and Starbucks cups in the background of your photos.


Should I do a first look?

This is one of my most asked questions, and for good reason! In my professional opinion, I urge you to consider doing a first look. Here's why:

  • It'll take some of the pressure off. One of the biggest concerns is that a first look will take away from the dramatic moment when you walk down the aisle and your man sees you for the first time. Honestly, NOTHING is going to stop that moment from being nothing but beautiful. If anything, it'll help you relax a little and you can really take it all in.

  • You won't spend the day hiding from each other. Believe it or not, your wedding day will go by SO fast! Why wait until 4 pm to see your greatest love on YOUR wedding day?!

  • It will be one of your only chances to spend some alone time together. When photographing a first look, I set up everything so that the photography opportunities are prime, and I'll hang back and make sure you two have a few minutes of peace together, and simply bask in the fact that you are a bride, and he is a groom, and not long from now,  you'll be saying I DO to each other!

  • It will free up the schedule a bit so you can spend more time with your guests. Doing a first look means more time to get a lot of the major photos out of the way before the ceremony so that you can be fully present with the people that love and support you.

  • You'll get more portraits from your wedding day. When you have a first look , It breaks up the photos on your wedding day so the day doesn't feel like one giant photoshoot. It also allows you to maximize the time spent with me, your photographer!

Hey, I get it, first looks aren't for everyone, but it works for sooo many! I've never seen a couple regret it, and I've seen wedding after wedding with first looks that ease schedules and make wedding days so lovely.

Still don't want a first look? That's totally fine. It's your day not mine. Just let me know and we can craft a photo plan together.


sample timeline

Please keep in mind every wedding is unique and each timeline different. Here is a sample timeline to get you thinking about how your day will unfold.

Getting ready

2:00-2:30 Details
2:30-3:30 Bridal prep

First Look

3:30-3:45 First look with groom
3:45-4:30 Couples session
4:30-5:30 Bridal party photos
5:30:6:00 Bride tucked away for ceremony


6:00-6:30 Ceremony (You're MARRIED!)
6:40-7:00 Family formals
7:00-7:20 "Just married" portraits


7:30 Reception begins
10:00 Exit!

What if it rains?

I know rain can be an anxiety causer for a lot of brides, but I just want you to know that you don't have to worry! I have photographed many weddings days without sunshine and moodier weather can still create gorgeously bright images. Here are a few details that may help you plan and hopefully alleviate any stress if the forecast predicts rainy weather!


I have 4 clear bubble umbrellas for wedding parties and portraits with just you two if it is raining. You are welcome to purchase your own umbrellas, but mine are always available for use in the trunk of my car.

Rain Plan

The best way we can ‘beat’ the rain on a wedding day is having great attitudes. If we are dealing with rain during portraits, we will either use umbrellas the entire time, or hold umbrellas until we are in place, and then throw them to the side so you won’t have umbrellas in all your portraits. This is totally up to you and something we can deal with in the moment!


Unplugged weddings

An unplugged wedding is when you invite your guests to be fully present in the celebrations and let your photographer be in charge of capturing the day. Though we completely understand that you want to document every moment and every angle of your wedding, you also want your guests to be present. Consider an unplugged wedding, or just ceremony, whatever makes sense for you! Let your guests be fully present and in front of the camera instead of behind.

Set aside time for sunset pictures

Sunset portraits give me life y'all!!! They often end up being my favorite shots from the whole day.  The light is dreamy, and it gives you a a couple of minutes to be away from the crowd and enjoy each other. And seriously, this is where some of the most gorgeous imagery is made. So slip away, even if just for 10 minutes, and get some shots in the golden light.

Enjoy the day!

Your wedding day is going to be surreal. You're going to feel loved beyond measure, and you're going to think your heart will burst. But stuff is going to go wrong! I promise. So embrace that, it's part of your story, and enjoy it all. Let loose, don't worry about getting your dress dirty, and get down on the dance floor. And if your lover's toast turns you into a puddle, let all that emotion come. Embrace it all.  Not only will it make for the best memories, it will make for the best photos too.

You're getting married!

At the end of the day, that's what it's all about. Marrying your best friend and celebrating your love with those closest to you. I hope this guide was helpful for you as you plan your big day! My goal is to give you all you'll need to know to get your dream wedding pictures and have a valuable wedding photography experience.

Let me know if you have any questions about anything! I want to be your friend throughout the process and get to know your heart behind the wedding plans!

Thanks for everything! I look forward to celebrating with you! (: